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Chic, classic but feels like home. Ivoryy Cocktail Garden embodies the prestigious and rare ivory elephant tusk as it brings out the natural and majestic aura. A minimalistic, niche setting with a touch of nature where there is food flaunting homemade sophistication, drinks that take you back to your stages of drinking and memories that will last forever. 


Embracing the beams and beauty of the sun’s rays; Ivoryy Delhi provides the feeling of a picnic with an old friend. Gazebos and sofas placed under trees surrounded by lush greenery and the musical call of birds; Ivorry is the calm in the middle of chaos. 


Showered with the pastel palette with elements of pink and rose gold, Ivoryy cocktail garden brings out the perfect balance of fine yet traditional. The place enriches of tuneful English music varying from retro to modern and brings out the theme of ‘Sassy Saturdays’ through live band appearances. 


A journey in the Ivoryy tale is sure to leave you with a soulful get together for the day or a memory in the moonlight evening.

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Not too much, not too little, just right. Ivoryy Cocktail Garden serves authentic style cuisine welcoming an eccentric affair and a blend of homemade sophistication. 


The food menu presents a magnificent melange of Mediterranean, European and Asian delicacies, paying homage to its rich cultures. Each dish hints towards traditional flavours plated with a dash of innovation. Consisting of comfort foods with a touch of the Ivoryy flavour to hit the right taste notes and bring upon you a flavourful fiesta. Signatures include 


The bar is a culmination of unique flavours in relatable cocktails as it explores new taste notes maintaining the comfort pallet. The plethora of cocktails served in Ivoryy is based on the story line of 2 strangers in a bar. Each cocktail is uniquely curated by our mixologists embracing the romantic journey from the first sip all the way to the regret. A thoughtful mixology keeping in mind the effect of each drink in every stage, Ivoryy transports you back to the nostalgic days of your drinking journey. 

Location & Reservations 

Call us at +919289070222, +919289070212

Operating Hours:
Sunday -Monday  from 12:00pm to 01:00am

Location: T- 504, Panchsheel park, Malviya nagar road, New Delhi, Delhi

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